Lights Camera Action!…. wait, wait, wait!   What about, makeup, hair and wardrobe?  There’s a lot of elements needed to create the perfect shoot!  Elements that aren’t always known, or seen but deserve to be recognized.

We look in a magazine and find a beautiful photo that leaves us completely in awe.  But, how did it come to be?  Who were the people involved?  How many countless hours does it take to put together a production that would produce such a fantastic image?

When creating a fashion/ editorial shoot, the final image isn’t always in clear sight.  It starts with an idea or inspiration, like a piece of clothing, the beautiful colors of a season, or the textures of an antique chair.  Every piece serves a purpose that takes us one step closer to the perfect end result.  Many artists use story boards, pictures of inspiration or examples of items  that help represent the image or feeling they wish to portray in their particular medium ie. makeup, hair and wardrobe. Pinterest is my best friend… I could spend countless hours creating story boards.

Prepping is another important element to any shoot. It can take days, weeks even months to find every puzzle piece to complete your work of art!

After all the planning and prep comes collaboration!  For me it is the most important part of any photo shoot/production.   The ideas and passion of everyone involved push the shoot to the next level and allow you to create something you’ve never done before.  I love that sometimes the final pictures are created on purpose and sometimes by complete accident!

The best thing about being an artist in any form is losing yourself in the moment, stepping outside the box, seeing beauty through others eyes and creating something that surprises you!

I’m super excited to share a few more photos and behind the scenes of November’s shoot!  It’s not often that I get to see behind the scenes of myself at work.  But, seeing these images brings nothing but a smile from ear to ear!  I love my job and I am lucky to have found my passion!


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